May 15

Dayran Horny: My First Trio. Part 1

I’ll tell you how I had my first trio.It all started on a Friday night at home, I was alone and very horny as usual. So I decided to talk to a friend who liked to be cocked every time we met. As usual he agreed to come to my house, we started talking and smoking some cannabis.Following this we started with morbid, touching our bodies, that rubbing that ignited me more and more, while we were in our my roomie came home and found us naked for which he only stared while we told him to join us to which he responded by lowering his pant and heading towards us.And that’s how I had my first trio

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May 08

Rio Prieto: Diary of a Web Cam Host

So it will come as no shock to you all that I am new here. And it may seem that I am naturally drifting across the deep waters that is the online webcam world. But what may come to you all as a shock is the turmoil, panic and self deprecating that lurks below the calm still surface, like a predator just sat waiting …,,I sat on my bed hand shaking ready to press that button to open my soul up to Thousands of people on the internet, a fire burning with each deep slow breath! That old familiar voice that we all know far too well;âI donât know what makes you think you can do something like this?! You do know ur a joke especially when compared to the other guysâ That voice stealing away every bit of confidence and strength. Your hand goes to move away from that start chat button , but itâs too late. My web cam light is on

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